A fun trip: 8 creative travel ideas to get it

I am going to show you 8 proposals with various «games» inside each one to achieve a «fun trip» .  The essence is to add a small brushstroke , so that a simple trip becomes YOUR JOURNEY. For this you just have to …… become a child again

Relax, don’t run away, it’s much easier than you think. Will you accompany me to explain?

8 creative travel ideas to get it

1. Park the adult, take the child out: use your imagination

They are the creative ones. They beat us by a landslide. Well, imagine yourself 7 years old . You have been given a WHOLE day off in the middle of a lonely amusement park with all the rides, toy stands and food stands open… all to yourself.

What would you do?

Indeed, me too. I would play, I would play in abundance On a trip, that new place you visit is open to you. Everything, everything whole , for you, for you to play with.

PROPOSAL 1: Think of a movie and play it during your trip: adventure, detective, love … whatever you want. During that trip, create “shoot” moments, stage and record yourself (or record yourself) doing that scene. May everything you visit become the setting for that movie , being you (and those who accompany you) a character in the story.

PROPOSAL 2: Create a story with photos to send to someone: with your smartphone take photos following a story that is built in your head while you visit the place. When you have the story closed, send it via WhatsApp to your companion (s) (if you have them) or to someone far away who knows that you are traveling and write the text that would accompany each photo in each shipment . Bravo! You have written a new story for the place you were visiting!

2. Get to know yourself: what moment are you in?

We all change constantly and with us, our tastes . Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how you are, your tastes, preferences, dreams … for that trip to a new place that you are going to do? Thus the “fun trip” will be assured.

I propose a way:

PROPOSAL : Before traveling, write every day in a notebook or on your mobile the things that have surprised / liked you that day, be it at work, watching TV, in your free time … Take it with you throughout the day to be able to write it down at any time and thus not forget it. Do this long enough to gather data (between one and two weeks). Then reread all the answers CAREFULLY and try to draw conclusions and connecting patterns: those patterns are what motivate you the most at that moment in your life . That way you can plan and decide a trip with more data to be able to make it more tailored to your liking, you will see what you would really like to experience on that trip.

(Example: you discover that you like marine activity because the documentaries on the 2nd are your relaxing moment of the day: if you are going to the Riviera Maya, you may prefer to spend more time and money exploring its beaches, reefs, cenotes than visiting all of them the ruins of the interior …)

3. Don’t schedule everything: let yourself be carried away by improvisation.

Original photograph by Chema Madoz. Extracted from poesiadigital.es
Knowing what is in a place and visiting everything of interest is vital, it is necessary, because it is the reason why you move to a place. But there are times when you come across things by chance, be surprised by being, suddenly, in the middle of a huge square that you have come to unexpectedly … don’t tell me that it doesn’t give a special taste. Well, it’s very easy.

PROPOSAL: On your route do sections led by chance : rolling a dice and taking a direction depending on whether it is odd or even, following people dressed in a specific color or type of race until another crosses them and there you choose whether to change or not . This game can take you through areas that you would never have wandered (if it is locals you can discover places that you might never discover). It will be your makeshift “guide”. This may seem strange to you, it can be done … I give full faith to it. Of course, it requires a minimum of discretion and common sense.

That idea was suggested to me by the powerful booklet «Tourist will be you» by La editorial Viajera

4. And if you program… get out of the ordinary!

Okay, it’s true, if I’m in Paris, I’m going to have to make a list of all those incredible places in movies, books, TV, documentaries… Come on, I have to program yes or yes!
Well, since you program … program different, unexpected, creative things : set yourself an unusual goal every morning : try something new, talk to a local, kiss your partner in a movie location, get 10 people to smile that day, climb to the highest place (accessible, of course) of the place you are going to visit … Make each day the scheduled list of pleasant challenges. That is the basis of all Fun Travel.

PROPOSAL : The 10 photographic challenges : write or ask them to write to your companion, friends from a distance or family (through social networks) or even unknown people from the place where you are, 10 things to photograph that day. Whatever comes to mind : a dog pissing in a corner, a woman eating a kebab, a capicúa license plate, an alien … whatever. You have the mission to photograph them all before the day is out.

Creative sources: Tourist will be you from Editorial Viajera , How to be an explorer of the world by Keri Smith).

5. Interact with the place

When you arrive at a site , don’t just look at the stones. Look at who has built it . Or the descendants of those who have built them. There are the grandchildren, or great-grandchildren or great-great-great-grandchildren of the men who built those things that amaze you so much . Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what person they have inside?

PROPOSAL : Investigate what the people of your city think : while you walk through a city, take a notebook or loose papers and a marker or pen and talk, interact, ask the people of the place you come across to write in one or two words what they think, feel about their city . Photograph them posing with the message, even record a video of them saying the same word in their own language.

6. Amplify how you perceive the world: create a sensory journey within your journey.

That place where you stand may not again set foot again in your life .. . Don’t you think it’s worth squeezing it to the fullest , talking to it, feeling it, feeling it with each of your senses? There is a lovable word: synesthesia (the queen of all fun travel). Mix sensations, listen with your eyes, taste with your ears … mix everything you see. Like something typical and with a powerful flavor in the middle of a place with your eyes closed and mixes smell and taste.

PROPOSAL : Create sensitive maps : choose a street, a square, a temple … and travel them with your senses to the fullest: capture the touch, color, sound, smell … even taste of each of its areas. Close your eyes to perceive it even more clearly. Then draw a sketch in a notebook where you capture all that information. Use different colors to draw the different senses.

7. Get a little crazy, do unexpected things.

Photo taken from thingsweforget.blogspot.com.es

Do the unforeseen, the unexpected, ask yourself strange, unusual questions , visit the place as one does not usually visit a place.

PROPOSAL : Create a tourist map with post its or papers with adhesive tape : if you are in a city, find out in advance about the places you are going to see and prepare a post it or a small paper with the name and brief tourist information about Monument. When you are in front of each monument, look for a place where it remains visible and from which the monument can be seen (for example, in a streetlight) so that other tourists, if they are observers, can know a little through what you you have given them. (TIP: put them in English, since it is perhaps the language that any tourist could take advantage of).

8. Take a different souvenir

Drawing by Max Ernst. Photo taken from Pinturayartistas.com

We are all artists , great painters. Even me, drawing is not that I am very good at it. The important thing is that this drawing has something to tell us. There are people who just by painting already travel to amazing places. Obviously, we are also going to use that resource for our «Fun trip».

PROPOSAL: Make a different diary … a pictorial diary of your experiences: Make a drawing that begins on the first day of your trip and ends on the last. Day after day, with the experience and the sensations that you have had during the day, continue the drawing, always without finishing it (if you can), until the end of your trip. If you find it difficult to make a single drawing for the whole trip, make several chapters with different drawings, encompassing the days that this phase of your trip needs and according to your feelings they tell you (if you think that a drawing should finish before finishing the trip and that you have to start another, go ahead). Tip: Do it with a pencil so you can erase things that might get in the way of the new experience .

How have you seen it? What do you think of the proposals? They are not very difficult, are they? Do you understand now why traveling can be so much more fun if you do it while having fun?

It is very easy to get your “fun trip”. It just takes a little more creative.