Airsoft and Paintball Differences and Similarities

Today on the blog, we’ll discuss a fascinating topic: the perspectives on the relationship between Airsoft and Paintball. Both airsoft and paintball are sports that have grown a lot in Brazil in recent years. Both are a trend among lovers of competitive sports, with a focus on military tactics.

If you’ve never tried any of these sports, you’re missing out on some fantastic moments, as they’re both full of fun and excitement. We decided to point out the differences and similarities of these sports preferred by lovers of competitive games for those who wish to practice airsoft or paintball and still have doubts about them.

Before we talk about the differences and similarities of these sports, it is interesting to know more about the history of both sports. They started with airsoft, which appeared in Japan between the 1970s and 1980s when some companies started to produce imitations of weapons. They fired plastic bullets to meet a different demand: from collectors and the film industry.

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Because firearms are banned in Japan, the increase in the number of arms imitation sales was natural. Soon, it didn’t take long for people to create a sport that simulated military battles and tactics using these weapons.

In a short time, airsoft has gotten countless fans around the world, leaving Japan and extending to countries like Portugal, Canada, France, United States, Spain, Italy, and many others.

Paintball appeared in the United States, thanks to the union between Canadian and American loggers, who used paintballs to mark the trees that should be felled.

However, the first to think of paint guns as ammunition were friends Bob Gurnsey, Charles Gaines, and Hayes Noel. The three got together with nine friends and played the first paintball game in New Hampshire. The big difference from paintball today to the first paintball match is in team building.

Today, paintball is played with two teams whose goal is to recover a flag in the middle of the field. In the past, however, the idea of the game was a kind of “free for all,” that is, each one for himself.

Airsoft and Paintball Weapons

It is now time to discuss the actual matches. Weapons are, of course, one of the most important elements of both sports. It is here that these sports begin to differentiate themselves from each other.

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are known to simulate the appearance of real combat weapons. Its aesthetics is all focused on creating an item close to what we see in everyday military actions.

The resemblance of airsoft guns to firearms is so great that, currently, it is mandatory that the tip of the guns used in airsoft matches be orange in order to differentiate them from real guns, such similarity.

Also, airsoft guns can be found in different types, sizes, and models, from pistols to assault rifles.

Paintball guns

Paintball guns, on the other hand, are more focused on functionality. There is no resemblance to firearms, mainly due to the compartment aimed at storing the paintballs, ammunition used in paintball matches.

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Airsoft and Paintball Ammunition

Both airsoft and paintball have a big difference in the ammunition used in the matches of the respective sports. The airsoft uses plastic balls, known as bb’s, without paint. Paintball uses paintballs.

 The game

The great differential of airsoft is in the way the matches are played. Airsoft is a sport in which the simulation of real battles is most evident. Therefore, it becomes a sports practice aimed at the public over 18 years.

Another factor that makes airsoft different is related to the rules. In this sport, when being shot by one of the ammunition, the player is automatically eliminated. The unusual factor of this sport is that the player who received the shot must notify his elimination independently.

Rules like these make airsoft more serious, being a sport in which honor and seriousness are essential characteristics. In paintball, gambling is different. Paintball is a sport more focused on fun and relaxation. Its rules and games were made for those looking to have fun without commitment and seriousness.

Not for nothing, a good part of the paintball players comprises children and young people.

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Departure fields

Airsoft fields are known to be broader and more immersive. Generally, abandoned houses and warehouses are ideal airsoft pitches for matches, as it offers many possibilities, perfect for more complex strategies.

The paintball fields, however, are more relaxed, being generally similar to soccer courts but with inflatable obstacles. Space is more reduced when compared to the airsoft fields, so the games are more relaxed and quick.

So that’s it, guys, now just choose the one that best suits your mode of fun. If you are a more competitive person looking for a sport that simulates military tactics, perhaps airsoft is the best choice. Paintball is an interesting choice if you want to untangle and have some fun.


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