Balance of the Montero season

Balance of the Montero season

At the end of the Montero season, being one of the best for me, since I have hunted more than 40 days, I can’t find a better time than this to take stock of the  Minox ZE 5.2 3-15×56 scope that has accompanied me in each of them.

Excellent performance

The first contact with the viewer was during the last stalking season. A satisfactory first impression but, without a doubt, the litmus test remained: the hunting season.

Many of you will think that it is not the most suitable scope for hunting due to magnification, but I must confess that it is more than adequate! And to argue that, thank God, the positions are no longer what they were, and the distance with the companions and the open and front positions have become fashionable again after some chaotic years in which the hunters were “crowded.” Or maybe it will be the organization of the chosen organic? The fact is that the scope, magnification, and orography balance of the posts have been more than pleasant and surprisingly positive, combined with a bolt action rifle,  Mauser M18, in caliber .270 Win.

Balance of the Montero season

It should be noted the wide field of vision that Minox offers for a quick and easy approach that, together with a special high-tech optical glass, provides excellent image quality and exceptional light transmission.

In hunting, where every second count for a more or less successful cast, it has allowed us to guarantee a fast and reliable detection of our targets to be shot down and to take shots, both at long range and fast, with success.

It is scope at the height for the highest demands, such as long-distance shooting, unfavorable weather conditions, and long walks, like those of yesteryear, to reach the positions of the closings by mountain paths, in which it has had to demonstrate its resistance.

Its lightness, barely weighing 750 grams, makes me think that it is an ideal visor for women who hunt—an ideal combination for mounting on a light rifle.

In my case, I have it mounted on the Mauser M18 with a removable Hexalock mount, which is valid for a large number of actions such as Mauser M12, Sauer 101, Sauer 100, Remington, Santa Bárbara, Weatherby, Bergara, etc.

What peculiarities does this Minox viewer have?

Our scope has a 30mm tube, 5x magnification, and a German #4 reticle. This fine fiberglass reticle in the second focal plane is adjustable and offers the possibility of incorporating a very fine and bright red dot in the reticle – it gives us the possibility to choose different intensities – which makes it easier to make our casts more accurate when achieving a face much more intuitive, both in broad daylight and in low-light situations.

It incorporates as a novelty a position sensor that ensures the automatic disconnection of the reticle and an automatic shutdown timer that, after two hours of non-operation, deactivates the light point to save the battery of the CR 2032 battery when the weapon is at rest.

Another peculiarity is its FTA – Fast Target Acquisition system, its rapid target detection system, which improves visual behavior through its enlarged eyepiece, providing greater resolution and contrast to its illuminated reticle translates into ease of use. Reach the target quickly and accurately. Thanks to the increased size of the exit pupils, the eye remains completely relaxed, and images can be viewed without distraction. A visual contribution to improve the results in our hunting actions, especially in moving shots, such as hunting and hunting, a case that concerns us and we are evaluating.

The towers of the Minox ZE 5.2 are extra low to provide much more comfortable and practical handling; as an addition, I have to admit that personally, it seems to be a much more elegant design.

All models in the range are watertight and filled with Argon gas to prevent internal fogging.

Premium Category

For the most fan of optics, I have to make known that the Minox ZE 5.2 scope has been entirely produced in Wetzlar, Germany. And that apart from its splendid precision optics, Premium category, solid and reliable mechanics with high-quality materials, another of the most surprising things it has is its excellent value for money.

Minox warranty

The scope comes with a protective neoprene sleeve and an Allen key to adjust the reticle. When you purchase the ZE 5.2 visor, registering the purchase, the owner will benefit from the guarantee, Minox Comfort Service, extended to 30 years.

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