How to choose the best cheap bows

Archery is an activity that dates back millennia. The arrow bow was used as an attack weapon and as a hunting weapon, indispensable for survival. In ancient Egypt, it was used as a weapon of war, being as tall as archers, and the tips of the arrows were made of bronze or sedimentary rocks. It was also used as a fighting weapon in the Dacian army and was made of animal horns, hazelnut wood, ash, or hornbeam. A medium-sized model could shoot arrows up to a distance of 200 m.

If you do not know how to choose a cheap bow at a good price, we can help you. In the continuation of the guide, you will find the most important criteria that you should consider. Like the shooting mode, the bows are of several types: traditional, longbow, traditional Asian, modern recurve, Olympic and compound.

The traditional ones are suitable for those who want to experience simple archery without sighting or stabilizing systems. The category of bows that belong to the traditional style is the traditional Asian and longbow.

The Asian bow is shorter than the modern one and can be used more dynamically. It may have stiff arms, reinforced with bone and extreme curves. It is recommended as a solution in traditional competitions, in which shooting takes place outdoors.

The longbow type has the most straightforward bow shape and is known as the English bow. It has extraordinary power and a low cost. Modern recurve bows belong to the target or flight style and are used in competitions, suitable for people who want to get started in archery. They are often used in sports competitions where targets are used in 5 colors, circular, positioned at marked distances, fixed.

The firing distance and targets can vary in size and color, marked with scores between 1 and 10. The springs are made of modern materials and have a double arch as the spring arms are curved towards the arch, and the tips bend in the opposite direction.

Also in the target style is the Olympic arch, being the only model allowed at the Olympic Games. It is a modern recurve specialized in high-quality equipment that aims to increase accuracy. It has a sighting instrument and a stabilizer that balances the spring and attenuates the vibration when shooting.

Also, the compound bow corresponds to the target style. Choose this model if you want to benefit from maximum accuracy. It is a new, recent invention, with modern technologies. Features stabilization systems and high-quality telescopic sighting tools.

Simultaneously, the bow also has pulleys on the surface of the arms with a role in reducing the force felt by the archer when stretching the bow.

At the same time, you must consider the firing power that the specialists recommend to you. For example, if the power of spring is 50 lbs, you need to lift a body that weighs 50 lbs, or 23 kilograms. Thus, children are recommended a power between 10 and 25 lbs, women between 25 and 45 lbs, and men have indicated a higher power, between 30 and 60 lbs.

It would help if you also considered the choice of the stretching power of the bow depending on age. For children under 12, a bow of up to 20lbs is recommended. For those over 12, a bow for adults is indicated, but up to a value between 28 and 30lbs. And for adults and beginners, specialists recommend choosing a spring from 35 to 40lbs.

Another important criterion is the material from which the bow is made. It can be made of palm wood, which offers durability and lightweight, easy to handle and transport. There are models made of Zebrano wood, which is recognized for its density and rigidity.

Simultaneously, the spring can be made of plastic, having as advantages high strength and a low value in weight, which allows the user to handle it easily. The carbon fiber ones are elastic and relatively resistant, but for now, they are less common to order from us, and the price can be quite high.

From the accessories perspective, the base is the spring cover or bag to protect the instrument from scratches and subsequent damage. Additional accessories such as finger protection tab, glove or arm protections increase the price of the offer, and you should expect a higher cost. Also, the existence of arrows makes its presence felt through a higher price.

For your guidance, read on for some of the best cheap bows.

Umarex NXG Korrigan Youth

If you want to have a beautiful experience, practicing archery at a somewhat advanced level that tends to the level of gender competitions, you could try a recurve bow. The shape of the arms arched forward gives the archer more power and energy. It is suitable for outdoor use on flat ground.

The kit you will receive contains useful accessories such as an armed guard, a sight pin, a finger protection tab, and necessary components, including 2 arrows made of fiberglass with a size of approximately 66 cm and 4 tips for the arrow.

Regarding the stretching power, you should know that it is between 15 and 20 lbs, i.e., between 6.9 and 9 kg. The arch can extend from 53 to 74 cm. The length of the entire arch is 123 cm. It is suitable for beginners and especially for children.

Bear Archery Scout

If you want a cheap and good bow, the one from Bear Archery could be what you need. It is a compound bow intended for beginners. Recognized for its precision and power, it is complex, made of several elements.

In terms of features, you should know that the bow is ambidextrous, meaning it can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. It is made mostly of plastic, which can make it less durable. The package you will receive will contain a quiver with 2 arrows, an armed guard, a sight pin, and a finger protection tab. Regarding the bow’s strength, it is necessary to know that it has a value between 8 lbs and 13 lbs, i.e., between 3 and 6 kilograms, being especially suitable for children. The length of the stretch is between 40 and 60 centimeters.

One of the advantages of this spring is that it is found at a lower price than other products in the same category.

Easton Beginner

This product is a recurve bow, good for outdoor use by novice archers. It has a size of 134 cm and is easy to handle. The power is closely related to the length of the stretch. At a maximum length of 66 cm, a power of 20 lbs, i.e., 9 kg, is required and thus can be easily used by beginners.

You can find this tool on the internet or in specialty stores, which deal with the sale of archery items. You will be able to use the bow with both hands because it is ambidextrous. After purchasing the kit, you will receive in the package 3 arrows, a black quiver, and useful accessories such as the protection system to protect the arm, the finger tab, the dacron rope, and the sight pin.

You must pay attention to the instructions regarding using the bow and do not shoot in the air because the arrow can travel hundreds of meters. It is recommended to follow the rules to be safe and not to cause injuries. It is necessary to know that it is higher than the cost of other products from the same range regarding the price.


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