How to Paint a Room

How to Paint a Room

How to Paint a Room: Painting the house walls is not difficult; moreover, it is an operation that is generally performed at certain intervals of time both to sanitize the home environment and for aesthetic reasons, but how do you paint a room if you aren’t handy??

There are certain precautions to consider before delving into how to paint a room, which concern the chores to do before starting and the necessary equipment.

How to Paint a Room

First of all, to avoid getting dirty around, it is advisable to get newspapers and plastic sheets that can be purchased in DIY stores or hardware stores; in addition, the adhesive paper tape can also be useful.

As for the equipment to be used, putty will be needed to cover any holes left by the anchors and nails, 120 pieces of sandpaper to smooth the crooked parts of the wall or the areas where the previous paint has detached, set for painting with a roller, brush, scale and water paint (or enamels and varnishes).

Now you have to move the furniture and remove the paintings, placing them in a place where they do not clutter and do not cause discomfort during the painting work. At this point, they must be covered, as well, as the floor and other accessories must also be covered, also using the adhesive paper tape on the smaller sockets and accessories.

Once the furniture and floors have been covered, you can fill any holes and sand the damaged portions of the wall. With a broom, you remove the dust, and then you can dilute the color or mix it, as indicated on the package.

When wondering how to paint a room often, the main question is where to start… well, you start from the ceiling, always. First, you have to draw a strip around the entire perimeter of the wall of about 10 cm without touching the vertically placed walls, so you need to get there precisely with the help of a ladder and a brush.

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After this step, you begin to pass the roller, which must have a fairly long handle; you should also be aware of any excess color, which must be drained into the appropriate net.

Start by painting about 1 square meter and remembering that the last coat should be passed lengthwise to the window. It is not always necessary to apply two coats of paint, but if you have this need, remember first to pass the entire ceiling crosswise and then longitudinally.

After this operation, the vertical walls can be painted. In this case, the roller must be passed vertically, but first, the narrowest or most sensitive areas must be outlined with the brush (for example, around the sockets, near the windows, etc.).

As you can see, it is easy to understand how to paint a room, as long as you have the right equipment available!

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After painting, it is essential to clean the equipment properly, so if the paints used are water-based, the tools must be cleaned under a jet of warm water and to sanitize everything, just let the residues flow with the help of your hands, and then wash all with soap and water. At the same time, if the paints were synthetic, the brushes (and not only) should be cleaned with white spirit and only then with soap and water.

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