How to Save Space in the Closet

How to Save Space in the Closet

How to recover space in the closet is one of those impossible missions that we propose to carry out on a more or less regular basis.

We absolutely want to achieve, but that doesn’t seem very easy to us, and since we don’t even know where to start, we often postpone it to a future date.

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It’s time to “take our responsibilities,” so take some time to do the job, and you will get great results! No time will be wasted because the hours spent tidying up the closet will be returned to you multiplied in terms of time savings every morning.

How to Save Space in the Closet?

How to Save Space in the Closet

So let’s see what the rules relating to how to recover space in the wardrobe are:


Start from an area of the closet and analyze each item in the same.

The rules of this first point are very simple. They are –

  • Each garment must be managed immediately and must be in one of the three / four boxes (boxes, bags, areas of the room, everything is fine) available.
  • The first box will be related to the items we want to keep; clothes, shoes, or accessories that are in good condition, fit us well, and fit our current style.
  • The second box will instead be for garments that need a “revised”; for example, garments that need a passage to the dry cleaners or a repair.
  • The third cassette (possibly divisible, hence the fourth) is for everything you don’t like anymore; it doesn’t fit, it’s ruined, and we want to throw it away.

The advice is to divide these garments into two boxes:

  • one for garments that can have a second life, such as being passed on to someone or sold at flea markets or on sites like eBay.
  • one for the slightly less “precious” items that can therefore be donated to charity.
  • It is, of course, possible to donate everything to charity, as it is also possible to sell them.
  • A market or the sale on eBay would lead to do something different and fun while generating some money that can be allocated without too many thoughts to new items.

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After the first selection, the number of garments will have been reduced, at least in part.

For the rest, the second rule relating to “How to recover space in the wardrobe” can be applied; based on the spaces available, assign them to specific types of clothes.

For example, do you have drawers? Here the same ones will be perfect for underwear and socks. Do you have any? Assign a few more drawers to small accessories such as belts or ties.

Conversely, do you have a few? Arm yourself with boxes with lids and labels and use the same for these “small and elusive” garments. Consider carefully which items you can hang and do it with as many items as possible; they will use less space and will not be wrinkled. Fold the hanging items so that they are not excessively long.

This trick will allow you to create empty spaces at the base of the closet, perfect areas for the boxes mentioned above or for pants and sweaters.

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Alternative Solutions

How to recover space in the wardrobe also means giving priority to the clothes that are used most frequently; storing purely seasonal items in a different position

Costumes, sarongs, and typically beachwear can end up in a suitcase and be exhumed only when needed; the same thing for those pants, underwear, and very warm sweaters that you only use for a short period of the year during the white week.

Moving these garments to a different position will make it easier to find them in times of need, and we will not always find them in the way when they are not needed.

The wardrobe cannot contain everything! Carefully evaluate the spaces of your home; each room could be suitable for containing a certain type of clothing. For example, one or more shelves in the bathroom can be perfect for towels; a corner in a corridor the ideal place for a shoe cabinet, a little-used area of the closet the ideal location for a shelf.

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These, in our opinion, are the fundamental steps regarding “How to recover space in the wardrobe.” These are generic indications because the number of clothes and spaces available are different for each of us. If applied, these four rules can work wonders for your closet and your good mood in the morning; it’s worth a try!