Is Bow and Arrow for survival?

Bow and arrow is a skill that can be developed and certainly helps in the most different aspects in a scenario of chaos. From hunting, fishing to communication activities, the archery world can facilitate human life.

How often do we see them employed in historical reports, films, and even “reality shows” that deal with the theme “survivalism”?

When entering discussion forums, we often see that people superficially know the topic. I believe that this is due to something straightforward to explain: the beauty of the movements of an archer makes the act so simple for people to see this; they think that takes the bow, shoot and the arrow goes to the target.

But the reality is a little more than that; it is necessary to know a few more details to use the bow. It is true that in emergencies, doing things in any way to achieve a result is acceptable. But if you know how to do it with more skill, the result is much more effective and faster.

So let’s talk about some fascinating questions that I see “surfing” on the internet and in survivalist forums:

Can I have a recurve bow with 40 pounds or more to start?

Yes, you can! It will take a little longer to learn how to deal with it because it has a power factor that will be a constant. Almost 100% of the instructors do not recommend it because this power factor at the beginning of the practice makes technical improvement difficult. Although strength is sorely needed, it can be added in other ways. It is up to me as a bow and arrow instructor to guide you, but it will always be your decision. Remember: the archer is the one who shoots the arrow, not the instructor.

Can I use any arrow for hunting wild boar with a compound bow?

No, you can’t! Compound arcs return a lot of energy through the arrows; many go up to 250 km / h. Then they come out of inertia for high speed in hundredths of a second; this causes the arrow to be compressed under high pressure, deforming its body (rod). The arrow can break when the shot and pieces of it can hurt or injure people close to you.

Thus, for each arc power, a specific arrow specification must be used to work properly and mainly safely.

Are a bow and arrow stronger than a firearm?

No, it’s not! Despite dozens of comparative videos, they are made comparing different aspects. By focusing on ballistics issues, we easily find much higher data for firearms. I’ll talk about just one aspect; there are several: if you use an 85-pound bow with arrows mounted with a ballistic gel hunting tip, it’s easy to see that it doesn’t generate a temporary cavity, unlike a firearm. This does not mean that the bow and arrow cannot cause lethal injuries, but they cannot be compared with a firearm.

OK! I’m going to talk about one more aspect: speed! (I can’t take it, I love this ballistics theme)

Let’s take the example of the 85-pound bow, which is one of the strongest available on the market, and the 700 gauge nitro express. While the arrow speed is 350 feet per second, the projectile goes up to 2000 (two thousand) feet per second !!!!

At the beginning of the text, I talked about fishing with a bow; is it possible?

Logical! Even little sharks!

What about communication activity with a bow and arrow?

It is possible too !!! Just use incendiary arrows or whistles at the end! Anyway, there are countless applications with bow and arrow to survive in a world of chaos! Come and meet new skills!

Want to know more about bow and arrow? Come and take an introductory class with us and get your questions answered! It lasts an hour and is entirely practical!


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