Tips for Those Just Getting Into Bow and Arrow Fishing!

Bow and Arrow fishing emerged in the early days of humanity and the hunting and fishing activities of primitive man. It was left out for a long time, but today it is a fever in countries where the arch is more widespread.

If you want to build a bow fishing tackle, you will need a bow, a Retriever, and a special arrow. Other accessories will facilitate and improve your performance, but with these three components, you can start practicing.

The Retriever is equipment developed especially for this activity. It is for the bow, as the reel is for the rod. However, the operation is very particular and completely different.

The arrow is not the same one used for the practice of the bow and arrow. It is specially developed for this activity. It is massive, with a special fishing trip and Safety Slide.

This is an indispensable accessory, which will increase the safety of shooting. This is where you should tie the thread. At the moment of the shot, he runs free by the arrow in order to prevent the line from tangling in the bow or crossbow.

Unfortunately, archery fishing in America is still not widely practiced. There is a lack of knowledge on the subject, and difficulties in finding the right equipment are the main reasons.

But the desire to practice is so great that it leads some archers to adapt their bows, arrows, and crossbows. This can be very dangerous since we are talking about lethal arrows being fired at extremely high speeds.

Here are the main precautions for fishing with a bow and arrow:

Never use reel or reel

The great danger of using reel or reel is that you run the risk of the line stalling since the initial thrust of a bow and arrow shot is much greater than that of the launch with a stick. If this occurs, the arrow will return in the direction of the shooter and can even be lethal.

Also, these devices can only be used with nylon or multifilament threads, and they do not resist this launching force for a long time. And with its wear, it may cause an accident.

Never fish with a loose line

Some snipers that use a reel and reel leave a few meters of loose line on the ground. If it curls slightly on any object, it can already cause a serious accident.

Reel use: The use of the reel is quite common and even accepted, as it allows the use of an appropriate thread, lets the thread run loose, and decreases the risk of it becoming tangled.

However, he had to pull the fish with his hands, as in line fishing. By doing this, you will let the thread accumulate on the floor, collecting dirt.

Also, after removing the fish, you will wrap the thread around the spool by hand. This, if it is not done with ABSOLUTE care and ends up crossing the lines when winding, can cause a “tangle” for the next shot.

Never tie the line straight to the arrow

This is perhaps one of the most important points. Normally, when the sniper does not use the appropriate arrow, he ties the line straight to the nock. In doing so, the line is attached to the arrow.

When arming the arrow to fire, the nock takes the rope “into” the bow or crossbow. When firing, the line may end up tangling in the arc itself, causing a very serious accident.

Don’t use common arrows

In fact, this is not a danger, but it prevents you from being successful in your fishing. Ordinary arrows are hollow, so they do not penetrate the water in such a way as to be able to catch fish.

Check the legislation of your state

Some states that prohibit fishing with a harpoon interpret that fishing with a bow and arrow is equivalent to this modality. So it would help if you were sure about how your state’s environmental agencies view this modality.

Respect the closed periods

Although you are not using a rod or net, you are FISHING. These are some of the precautions to be taken when starting to practice archery. Before making any adjustments, think that your life is putting you at risk, and it is worth much more than any fun.

Therefore, we always use quality equipment appropriate for this activity. There are plenty of reasons for this. If you are in doubt about which equipment to purchase, contact one of our technicians. We are prepared to guide you on how to get started on the activity.


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